Esenyurt University Accommodation

Esenyurt University Accommodation

Esenyurt University Accommodation meets the needs of undergraduate students during their new phase of starting university life. So the Esenyurt University housing has solved the biggest problems that hinder the path of university students who have obtained a university seat within this university, so they choose it as their residence throughout their academic year in order to enjoy a safe and comfortable study environment that is the source of their academic excellence in the university.

Esenyurt University Accommodation Location

The Esenyurt University accommodation Location is one of the important things about which students want to know the adequate information that enriches their thinking. The Esenyurt University housing Location is of great importance, as it is located in the Esenyurt area, which is one of the most popular and crowded areas in Istanbul. And the housing is near the campus of Esenyurt University, which ensures the student’s ease of movement and going to the university easily. These features, which the university housing site enjoys at Esenyurt University, help students to prefer it over other housing within the city.

Turk Hostel tries to provide all its efforts for the benefit of university students, as it works to serve them during their search for a place of stability that guarantees their comfortable stay, so it secures university housing for them, which includes the necessary services that ensure their stability and comfort during the academic year.

Esenyurt University Accommodation fees

Esenyurt University Accommodation fees are characterized as fees that suit the conditions of university students, where the student can obtain housing whose specifications meet the specifications he wants and with fees that suit him. Turk Hostel helps him in that, as it works to search for university accommodation whose fees are appropriate and contain the necessary services for him. Thus, the fees for this accommodation are fees that assess the conditions of all students. Students, according to their financial income and circumstances, find suitable housing for them that includes their requirements. There are many options during the search for housing, and there are many rooms, including single and double rooms, and each has its own price, and the view and area of each room differs from the other, which makes the university student confused and difficult for him to choose within these accommodations, and therefore Turk Hostel works to guide and direct him To the residential rooms, which are inclusive of his requirements and desires, in order to finally reach the housing he desires and requests. Esenyurt University housing fees are according to the cost difference from one room to another as follows:

Room fees for one student: (click here)
Room fees for two students: (click here)
Room fees for three students: (click here)
Room fees for four students: (click here)
Room fees for five students: (click here)

Esenyurt University Student Dormitory

Esenyurt University Student dormitory is one of the finest student residences, because it is distinguished by its arrangement and the aesthetics of its construction, where the housing units for students are separate from those for female students, and the rooms in both dormitories are organized, tidy, and regular in shape, and they contain what the student needs of furniture for housing and stability, such as: bed, pillow and quilt Cabinet, study desk and refrigerator. Each housing unit for students has a set of discipline rules and directives issued by the housing administration, and all students who are in the residential rooms must abide by them so that their stay in it is safe and comfortable in all aspects. When students search for Esenyurt University dormitory, they turn to Turk Hostel, which plays its role in helping them with everything it can and looking for the best housing that will be the student’s safe and comfortable shelter during his academic year.

Esenyurt University Female Accommodation

Turk Hostel helps students with this, as it works to find housing for female students at Esenyurt University that is suitable for them and matches their desires. One of the advantages of the female students’ accommodation is that it is highly secured under a security control system that controls the dormitory gates, in order to provide the female dormitories with full protection that makes the female students in a safe and reassuring environment. And the Esenyurt University female accommodation is near from the university, which comforts the students and makes it easier for them to go and return to and from the university, so they do not need to use transportation for that. All these features make the students’ housing a safe residence with a quiet environment, which makes the students feel that they are in peace and security for the duration of their stay there.

The Services provided by Turk Hostel

Services provided by Turk Hostel Company Turk Hostel offers many services to students who are on the verge of a new university life. It also provides them with sufficient information about the things they need with regard to university dormitories, so it strives to serve the students in a way that benefits them. According to their choice, as the students’ desires to do so vary and differ from one student to another, and therefore the student’s satisfaction is important and nothing is done without the student’s consent and satisfaction. Thus, the services provided by Turk Hostel to students are many and many, and we mention among them:

– University housing insurance.
– Receiving students from the airport.
– Hotel reservation.
– Student residence.
– Certificate modification.

To contact Turk Hostel to ask about private or government university housing at Esenyurt University in Turkey, you can contact Turk Hostel at any time, which will be waiting for your questions and ready to answer your inquiries.


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