Gelisim University Housing

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سكن جامعة جيليشيم سكن جامعة جيليشيم
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Featured Gelişim University

Gelisim University Housing

  • TL7,000


The Gelisim University housing is one of the distinguished university housing that the university has worked to provide for students who have a university enrollment at the university. The student applying to study at the university, and in the case of a foreign student, the residence of Gelisim University will be his first interest and the first thing he will be preoccupied with obtaining residence there. The factor of safety and comfort so that he can get used to life in Turkey, and apply to study inside the university with full enthusiasm and desire, and for this reason, Turk Hostel provided its services to help these students and make them always closer to meeting their needs, by providing university housing in the university housing of Gelisim University Distinguished by safety, and also tidy and comfortable.

Where is Gelisim University residence located

Gelisim University residence is located in Istanbul, near the private campus of Gelisim University in Avcilar district, which is characterized by the presence of many commercial centers and public transportation from buses and metrobus. The university area in Avcilar is witnessing a population density, which provided many malls. The university housing of Gelisim University is considered one of the largest student housing in Istanbul, as it accommodates a large number of students. It is characterized by the fact that the university housing is close to public transportation, which allows the student to move and go at any time. Ataturk, it is also close to Mall of Istanbul.

Gelisim University housing
Gelisim University housing
Gelisim University housing
Gelisim University housing
Gelisim University housing
Gelisim University housing

Features of Gelisim University Residence

The advantages of university housing at Gelişim University vary and are numerous, as the student housing at Istanbul Gelisim University is considered one of the most important and largest student housing, characterized as it accommodates very large numbers of Turkish students, and foreign students from all over the world, Turk Hostel contributes to making the student comfortable In his studies at Gelisim University by providing him with comfortable university housing, and equipped with a variety of services, that make him in a distinguished and unique place, the element of safety surrounds university housing in Gelisim , which is the most important thing that the student is looking for, especially the foreigner, because he is going to a completely new place, as well as The students are provided with clean and tidy rooms, equipped with heating services, psychologically and physically comfortable for students. The residence of Istanbul Gelisim University is also distinguished by its abundance and diversity of facilities, such as professional development centers, and sports centers within the university housing in Istanbul Gelisim , in addition to recreational facilities that help the student to relax and obtain Enjoy a pleasant rest, as well as libraries and the student club, and also a lot of what is related to the university housing of Gelişim University, and among the most important services provided by the residence of Gelişim University are:

-There is fast, uninterrupted and free access to the internet within the Gelisim University dormitory to help students during their studies and research.

-The student in Gelişim University housing has the ability to choose his roommate, and to choose rooms that are suitable for either two people, or three or more.

-The student dormitories at Gelisim University provide food and drink inside the dormitory in a restaurant specific to the entire residence. It offers a variety of dishes, but it contains rooms equipped with kitchens in which the student can cook on his own.

-The multiplicity of facilities within the university housing at Gelisim University increases the housing excellence, as the presence of sports centers allows the student to regain his activity in his spare time.

-The presence of recreational facilities within the residence of Gelişim University, to spend more enjoyable times after making an effort to study.

-Libraries are available within the university residence of Gelişim University, which allow the student to have quiet times and provide different and valuable information to help him in his studies.

-The rooms inside the Gelişim University residence are tidy and clean, with high security and great concern for the comfort of students.

Gelisim University housing Fees

Gelisim University housing
Gelisim University housing

Istanbul Gelişim University housing Fees vary according to the rooms, as all student housing provided by the university contain different room models. They take into account the different students’ tastes, desires, and financial capabilities. And because Istanbul Gelisim University residence has many rooms, this makes the prices vary from room to room.

The room per person at a cost: (click here)
Room for two people at a cost: (click here)
Room for 3 people or more at a cost: (click here)
The room with TV and refrigerator is charged: (click here)
Room without TV and refrigerator at cost: (click here)
The room that contains the kitchen at a cost: (click here)
The room without a kitchen at a cost: (click here)

How does Turk Hostel help students secure appropriate student housing ?

At Turk Hostel, we help students who are going to study in Turkey or who are in Turkey by securing the appropriate university housing for them, whether university housing or university housing near the university, and the services of Turk Hostel are comprehensive for the student as we take care of escorting students to university dormitories and receiving Students from the airport, following up on the student’s status at the university and housing, and finding solutions for students who have problems while traveling to Turkey. We also work at Turk Hostel to obtain student health insurance and student accommodation, which are among the necessary documents for the student during his stay in Turkey.

For more information about the student and university housing at Istanbul Gelisim University, which is located within the university campus or the residences near Gelişim University, you can contact Turk Hostel, which will help you provide all your various and different housing needs that suit you to be able to continue your studies safely and comfortably, Using the information provided in the link below:

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