Halic University Housing

  • TL7,500
5. Levent Mahallesi, 34060 Eyüpsultan/İstanbul
سكن جامعة الخليج اسطنبول سكن جامعة اسطنبول خليج
  • External Housing, University Housing
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Halic University Housing

5. Levent Mahallesi, 34060 Eyüpsultan/İstanbul
  • TL7,500


Halic University housing is one of the finest and most beautiful university housing designed for students to reside throughout the academic year. In addition, it provides the minimum elements of comfort and luxury for male and female students who will study in their university branches at Gulf University. It is also characterized by being beautiful and attractive housing from the outside and clean and comfortable from the inside, which It provides the students who live there with comfort and security, and it will be a comfortable and comfortable place for them if they live there when they begin their studies.

Halic University Housing Location

The Halic University Housing Location is considered a distinctive and beautiful location as it is close to the university. It is located in the neighborhoods close to it, which makes it easy for male and female students to move to and from the university, thus making it easier and easier for the student to go to the university.

Halic University Accommodation is located in one of the beautiful and upscale neighborhoods of Istanbul, which is characterized by its tranquility and the beauty of its location, which connects several areas to each other and is in the middle of many neighborhoods around it. This makes the Istanbul Halic University Residence location admired by students, who accept it with peace of mind. Turk Hostel Company always seeks to facilitate matters. When students are searching for suitable housing, it directs them directly to the ideal housing for them, which is in suitable locations close to their universities.

Halic University Housing
Halic University Housing
Halic University Housing
Halic University Housing
Halic University Housing
Halic University Housing
Haliç University Housing
Haliç University Housing
Haliç University Housing
Haliç University Housing
Haliç University Housing
Haliç University Housing

Features of Istanbul Halic University Housing

Istanbul Halic University Accommodation provides many and varied services that suit it to make it one of the best university residences prepared for students to reside and reside during their years of study, and it has many advantages that distinguish it from other residences, some of which we mention:

– The Istanbul Halic University residence is fully secured and includes a protection and monitoring system at entrances and exits, which provides security and security for the students residing there.

– It contains a residential building for male students and another for female students, which makes the residential environment more suitable and appropriate for them.

– The residence provides a variety of breakfast meals sufficient for the student.

– Istanbul Halic University Accommodation provides cleaning services for the rooms in particular and for the residence in general, which makes the residence always clean and tidy.

– It also provides laundry and ironing services in special rooms.

– The residence has a calm and comfortable atmosphere for all students, which creates a suitable and appropriate study atmosphere for them, which motivates them to study safely and effectively.

– There are rules of order and discipline within the residence, which makes the residence a cohesive environment prepared for students to stay comfortably and comfortably.

Halic University Housing Fees

The Fees and prices of university housing differ from each other, and this is due to several factors, including the location of the university housing, its area, and the type of residential room reserved. The housing closest to the university will be the highest in price among the housing, and the housing that is located in a well-known and serviced area will be higher in price than others, in addition to Therefore, the single and double room within the residence has a higher price than the rest of the other rooms, such as the triple, quadruple, and quintuple rooms. The housing costs and prices are determined according to these matters mentioned previously, and they are important in determining the price of the residential room within the residence.

Turk Hostel Company always works seriously and effectively so that students can find the most appropriate housing for them in a way that matches their choices and suits their circumstances. It presents to them all available options and guides them to the most appropriate housing options. The costs and fees for Gulf University housing, which Turk Hostel Company provides for male and female students, are as follows:

– Room rate for one person: (click here)
– Room price for two person: (click here)
– Room rate for three person: (click here)
– Room price for four person: (click here)

How does Turk Hostel help male and female students?

Turk Hostel Company works hard to provide the residential rooms that male and female students need to ensure their residential stay in a comfortable and safe manner. It works to facilitate the process of searching for university housing and guides male and female students to the best residential options that agree with their opinions and according to their choices, and ensures that the student finds the appropriate residential room. Between several residential rooms within one residence.

Students are usually offered several housing options with a variety of rooms, and they have the right to choose between them. After they obtain suitable housing that contains all the residential requirements and services, Turk Hostel remains in constant contact with them to check on their housing conditions. The majority of the housing provided by Turk Hostel Company for students is fully insured and serviced to the best of its ability, thus making it the ideal housing for male and female students who are looking for… University housing near their universities.

For more information about university housing at Halic University, you can contact Turk Hostel, which will be waiting for you to meet all your needs, and ready to answer all your inquiries.

We hope that you will find safe and comfortable accommodation for yourself and that we will live up to your expectations of us.

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  • State/county Istanbul
  • Country Turkey

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