Ibn Haldun University Housing

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Ordu cad. F-05 Blok No 3, 34480 Başakşehir
Ibn Haldun University Housing
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Featured Ibn Haldun University

Ibn Haldun University Housing

Ordu cad. F-05 Blok No 3, 34480 Başakşehir
  • TL8,000


There are many housing options for students, and this makes them confused and anxious because of the large number of options and the lack of sufficient experience for them to choose suitable housing. Therefore, Turk Hostel Company works hard to secure suitable housing for male and female students who are about to pursue their university studies, and among those housing is Ibn Haldun University Housing , which is It is considered one of the finest university residences designed for students’ residence and housing. It contains all the necessary components and necessary services that must be present in order for the student to enjoy a comfortable and comfortable stay. In addition to that, it also contains residential rooms that suit different students and their tastes and take into account the diversity of their choices. Some of them are individual ones that accommodate… For one student, the duplex that can accommodate two students, the triplex that can accommodate three students, and the quadruple that can accommodate four students, all of which contain the necessary furniture and furnishings necessary for the student’s residence in the residence.

Ibn Haldun University Housing Location

The issue of searching for the location of university housing occupies an important place for the majority of university students. Most of them often have questions about the location of housing and prefer to know where it is located before going there and seeing it themselves. This is because the location of university housing close to the university makes it easier for students to face many difficulties that they are likely to face. It is located even if the housing is far from it, and the Ibn Haldun University Housing location is a suitable location for male and female students, as it is located in the most prestigious neighborhoods, which are characterized by containing many government institutions, commercial markets, health centers, parks, and clinics, so students can find what they want in the same neighborhood without trouble. They search for what they want for a long time and without the need to move and go to other neighborhoods of the city. Thus, the Ibn Haldun University Dormitory Location is a distinguished location that includes all the elements of a comfortable life and decent residence.

Turk Hostel Company always works to choose housing with the appropriate location that suits the university student’s choice and in a way that suits his taste and opinion. It also presents all the options available to students that are characterized by suitable residential locations, including Ibn Haldun University Dormitory , which is considered one of the best university housing locations in terms of location. For students, Turk Hostel fulfills their desire and provides them with university housing at the appropriate time and under the appropriate conditions.

Ibn Haldun University Housing
Ibn Haldun University Housing
Ibn Haldun University Housing
Ibn Haldun University Housing
Ibn Haldun University Housing
Ibn Haldun University Housing
ibn haldun university dormitory
ibn haldun university dormitory
ibn haldun university dormitory
ibn haldun university dormitory
ibn haldun university dormitory
ibn haldun university dormitory

Ibn Haldun University Housing Features

Each university residence has features and characteristics that make it distinct from other residences. One residence may contain advantages that another residence in the same area does not contain, and this matter makes students confused and anxious at that time. Therefore, Turk Hostel Company works to offer housing options to students, in addition to… To inform them of an important point, which is the features of each university residence, explaining to them the features and services available in the residences, and among them is the Ibn Khaldun University residence, which contains several features that are distinguished and unique from the rest of the other university residences, and are among the advantages of the Ibn Khaldun University residence, which is provided by Turk Hostel for students has the following features:

– The residential environment of Ibn Khaldun University housing is calm and serene, which helps students in their studies and ensures stability for them.

– The residence provides laundry services in private rooms, in addition to periodic cleaning services to keep the residence clean and beautiful at all times.

– The residence contains a permanent, active Internet that students can use at all times, and this helps them in all matters of life, including social and academic matters.

– The housing provides a variety of meals that are sufficient for students’ needs and include a saturated and healthy diet.

– The residential rooms contain the necessary furniture and furnishings for living and living.

– The residential building for male students will be separate from that for female students, which guarantees them comfort and stability.

– The residence includes students of different nationalities, allowing them to learn about other cultures and integrate with Turkish students in the same residence.

– The residence must be safe and contain a high-quality surveillance system, as there are surveillance cameras at the entrances and exits of the residence.

ibn Haldun University Dormitory

The Ibn Haldun University Dormitory is one of the luxurious student residences. It is located near the university and is equipped with new furniture for a good academic year for the students. The residence also provides students with means of transportation to the university, and this is one of the most important services.

Ibn Haldun University Housing Fees

Each university residence has its own prices, depending on the quality of services it provides in addition to several other factors, including the location of the university residence. The location closest to the university will be more expensive than the residences whose locations are farther away from it, as well as the number of people in the residential room, so the fewer the number of people in the room. The fees increased, as in the single and double room, and also as the number of people in the room increased, the value of the fees incurred on them decreased, as in the triple and quadruple room. Accordingly, the residential fees and costs differ from one residence to another and from one residential room to another.

Turk Hostel Company always works to provide the most suitable housing options at the price for students in a way that suits each individual student according to his or her circumstances and conditions, and takes into account their different tastes and opinions. It multiplies the options before them and makes them choose between them themselves after providing them with all the details related to housing and explaining them to them.

Ibn haldun University housing fees, which Turk Hostel provides for students, have average values that take into account male and female students, and are as follows:

– Room per person at a cost: (click here)
– Room for two people at a cost: (click here)
– Room for three people at a cost: (click here)
– Room for four people at a cost: (click here)

How does Turk Hostel help male and female students?

Turk Hostel Company provides university students with housing equipped with all residential services that guarantee them a dignified and comfortable stay. Turk Hostel is one of the most important companies that helps students secure suitable housing by offering all suitable housing options in a short time, thus facilitating many difficulties for them and directing them toward… The correct steps to choose the most appropriate housing in the face of the multiplicity and diversity of residential options, and thus students find the ideal university housing in a short time, which will be their place of residence and stability during their study period.

The residential rooms contain the necessary furniture and suitable furnishings for residence and stability, and the residential environment is calm and reassuring, helping students adapt easily to the new atmosphere. Turk Hostel works to constantly communicate with students and is always ready to provide its services to them and answer their questions.
For more information about university housing at Ibn haldun University , you can contact Turk Hostel, which will be waiting for you to meet all your needs, and ready to answer all your inquiries.

We hope that you will find safe and comfortable accommodation for yourself and that we will live up to your expectations of us.

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