Istinye University Housing

  • TL7,400
İstinye Üniversitesi Topkapı Kampüsü/İstanbul/Turkey
سكن جامعة استينيا سكن جامعة استينيا سكن جامعة استينيا سكن جامعة استينيا
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Istinye University Housing

İstinye Üniversitesi Topkapı Kampüsü/İstanbul/Turkey
  • TL7,400


The Istinye University housing is different from the standard university housing within university campuses, as it is a group of buildings surrounding the university that the University of Istinye contracts with in order to secure student housing that serves its students, and thus it has saved its students the hardship and fatigue of the constant search for student housing nearby From the University of Istinye, and here comes the role of Turk Hostel, whose main mission is to find these student housing that is suitable, comfortable, clean and helps students focus and study, and thus Turk Hostel was able to secure at Istinye University Residence for all students, specifically Those coming from outside Turkey.

Where Is Istinye University Housing Located

Istinye University housing located is near the university, and there are many dormitories affiliated with the university distributed in more than one area in Istanbul. These dormitories are located in a number of areas, including: Safakoy – Zeytinburnu – Cevizli Bag – Bayrampasha – findikzade – Merter – Vadi Istanbul. There is no Istinye university dorms University within the campus of University, but it provides its own housing outside the campus, around it or near, and this for Istinye University dormitory is located on the European side of Istanbul in several areas, as these areas are among the areas that It enjoys a strategic location, intertwined with transportation lines that allow the student to move comfortably in the areas around the Istinye University residence .

Istinye University Housing
Istinye University Housing
Istinye University Housing
Istinye University Housing
Istinye University Housing
Istinye University Housing

Advantages Of Istinye University Housing

The advantages of Istinye University housing are many, Turk Hospitality finds these distinguished its distance from the university, which allows students to go to the university without the need for transportation, in addition to the diversity of services it provides and the safety factor that it grants to foreign students coming from all over the world by providing them Various housing equipped with comfortable services that make them satisfied with dealing with Turk Hostel and confident in everything it offers. The hostel left this required and desired safety inside the university dormitory at the University, in addition to many and varied services that make the students more comfortable inside the university dormitory. In order to keep the rooms in a permanent state of cleanliness, and the student can choose whether he wants to stay in the room alone or with a friend or several friends. Turk Hostel offers a variety of rooms to suit all options, as well as a variety of other services, which include:

– The rooms in Istinye University dormitory have integrated furniture from the bed, storage, desks and lighting.

– The student in dormitory can choose his roommate and the number of partners in the rooms.

– Availability of continuous internet in University residence.

– The effective security component i, which gives the student peace and tranquility inside his room.

– There is a public kitchen inside the University dormitory , which has all kinds of food, which are provided to all students.

Istinye University Housing Fees

The Istinye University housing price in all student dormitories varies from one housing to another. At Turk Hostel, we provide students with the University housing, which is characterized by costs that suit all students, as it takes into account the difference of students as they may be Turks or foreigners and the diversity of their tastes, desires, and financial capabilities . And because Istinye University dorms is a spacious residence with many different rooms, this makes the prices vary from one room to another.Accordingly, you can find out about Istinye University housing fees by clicking on the following links:

– The room for one person a cost: (click here)
– The room for two person a cost: (click here)
– Room for 3 person at a cost: (click here)
– Room for 4 person at a cost: (click here)
– The Lux Big Room a cost: (click here)

How does Turk Hostel help students find suitable accommodation?

Turk Hostel works to be at the forefront by providing student services and providing university housing for Istinye University students. As it is equipped with air conditioning and various facilities, in addition to the privacy granted to students, Istinye University’s housing is clean, tidy and comfortable, as it provides new and arranged beds, storage and study offices.

Turk Hostel is working to make the university housing for students at the University a pleasant atmosphere of love and cooperation between students, to enable foreign students to coexist in Turkey by sharing housing with Turkish students, which makes students more loving and reassuring, and thus be a company Turk Hostel has achieved a high social culture and increased the interdependence between Turkey and other countries through the built interdependence between individuals.

For more information about student housing at the University , whether for male or female housing, you can contact Turk Hostel, which will help you and provide your needs from the various and different student housing that suit you to be able to continue your studies safely and comfortably, through the information provided in the link below:

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