Altınbaş University Housing

  • TL7,000
255 Water St Brooklyn, NY 11201
سكن جامعة التن باش سكن جامعة التن باش سكن جامعة التن باش
  • External Housing, University Housing
  • Property Type
  • 1,2,3,4,8
  • نماذج الغرف
  • 4
  • Bedrooms
  • 2
  • Bathrooms
Featured Altınbaş University

Altınbaş University Housing

255 Water St Brooklyn, NY 11201
  • TL7,000


University housing is available to university students for the purpose of residence and lodging. After they obtain university admission in one of the university branches, they begin searching for safe and suitable housing. Turk Hostel Company devotes all its efforts to this and begins by offering them all housing options, informing them of their details and familiarizing them with their advantages until every student finds… He seeks and obtains appropriate housing, and Altinbaş Istanbul University housing is one of the high-end residences located near Altinbaş Istanbul University, and Turk Hostel Company provides it for male and female students to stay and stay, and Altinbaş Istanbul University housing contains all the necessary services and necessities that students need to have in their housing. University, ensuring a comfortable and comfortable stay for them.

Altinbas University Housing Location

Istanbul Altinbaş University Housing is one of the distinguished residences in its location, as it is located in one of the prestigious residences that is famous and well-known among different regions. In addition, it includes many hospitals, health centers, government institutions, markets, and shops, so students can find their needs in the same residential area without the need to travel. Going to other areas. Altinbaş Istanbul University housing is distinguished by its location near the university, and this is what Turk Hostel always makes sure of, because the residential location is an important matter for students, and the presence of housing near the university will facilitate for them many of the difficulties and hardships that they may encounter during their stay and throughout their studies, so it will be Thus, Altinbash University housing location is a suitable location for the majority of students who are looking for safe and comfortable housing near Altinbash University.

istanbul Altinbas University housing
istanbul Altinbas University housing
istanbul Altinbas University housing
istanbul Altinbas University housing
istanbul Altinbas University housing
istanbul Altinbas University housing

Istanbul Altinbas University Housing Features

Each university residence has different features that make it distinct from other residences, and Turk Hostel Company does its best for the student to find suitable housing that is fully insured in terms of residential services, so that students feel comfortable during their stay, as the housing contains various features that make students want to stay. They feel grateful and satisfied, and among the features of Altinbaş University housing in Istanbul are the following:

– It will be a safe residence that contains a surveillance system and cameras at the entrances and exits of the residence.

– The residence provides a variety of meals that satisfy the nutritional needs of students.

– It includes cleaning services for rooms and residential facilities, in addition to laundry services in private rooms.

– Altinbaş University Istanbul’s residence has permanent, active internet.

– The residential environment in the residence is quiet and suitable for students and helps them study and concentrate.

– The residence contains students of different nationalities, which helps them build new friendships in the residence.

Altinbas University Housing Fees

The costs and Fees of Altinbaş University Housing are of average value and suitable for male and female students, and this is an important matter that Turk Hostel is keen on when directing students to different hostels. However, the value of the housing fees for the hostels differs and varies among them, and this depends on several things, including the number of people in the room. Single and double rooms have higher fees, while triple and quadruple rooms have lower fees. The housing closest to the university is also higher in price than other distant housing. The size of the residential room also plays a role in determining fees, so rooms with large areas are more expensive than others.

Thus, the Istanbul Altinbaş University housing fees , which are provided by Turk Hostel for students, are as follows:

– Room per person at a cost: (click here)
– Room for two people at a cost: (click here)
– Room for three people at a cost: (click here)
– Room for four people at a cost: (click here)

How does Turk Hostel help male and female students?

Turk Hostel Company provides university housing for students coming to their university studies. It offers them many housing options and various rooms and allows them to choose between them after providing them with full information about them and the details related to them. Thus, each student gets his appropriate housing according to his choices. It is also keen to contain the housing that It provides students with various services and necessary that guarantee them a dignified and comfortable stay.

For more information about university housing at Altinbas University Istanbul, you can contact Turk Hostel, which will be waiting for you to meet all your needs, and ready to answer all your inquiries.

  • Address 255 Water St Brooklyn, NY 11201
  • City İstanbul
  • State/county Istanbul
  • Zip/Postal Code 11201
  • Country Turkey

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