Atlas University Housing

  • TL3,500
سكن جامعة أطلس سكن جامعة أطلس
  • External Housing, University Housing
  • Property Type
  • 1,2,3,4,8
  • نماذج الغرف
  • 4
  • Bedrooms
  • 2
  • Bathrooms


  • External Housing, University Housing
  • Property Type
  • 1,2,3,4,8
  • نماذج الغرف
  • 4
  • Bedrooms
  • 2
  • Bathrooms


Atlas University housing solves all problems and removes all obstacles in front of students wishing to study at Atlas University. The student’s urgent need to complete his educational attainment depends on his ability to find suitable housing and housing close to Atlas University, and for this reason Turk Hostel is present to provide assistance to these students and remove all difficulties Which stands in their way and directs them towards the best choice and securing all means of psychological and physical comfort, and then this student will go out supported by all the requirements of his university studies, but rather his excellence and his access to the highest levels of quality in education and creativity

Where is the Atlas University Housing located :

There is no university housing for Atlas University within the campus of Atlas University, but it provides its own housing outside the campus, and it is a short distance from the main centers such as Taksim, Maslak and Sisli. Student housing for Atlas University is distinguished by being in the middle of the most densely populated areas.
Atlas University has two campuses.
Location: The student residence of Atlas University is located in Istanbul, Kagithane district, on the European side of Istanbul.

Features of Atlas University housing :

The fact that Atlas University does not have its own student housing on campus, so it tries with great effort to secure student housing outside the campus for students, which is suitable for them in terms of distance and cost, so it works to provide discounts of approximately 10% of the value of housing in addition to providing transportation from accommodation to Atlas University, at symbolic prices that can be paid in installments, all with the help of Turk Hostel, which finds these distinctive residences with its close distance to the university, which allows students to go to the university on foot, in addition to the diversity of the services it provides and the safety factor that it gives to Turkish students and those coming from all over the world. By providing them with different housing equipped with comfortable services that make them satisfied with dealing with Turk Hostel , It provides cleaning, arranging and maintenance services for rooms, which are frequent and continuous for the sake of the student’s comfort and focus in his studies. Turk Hostel services also include in the private residences of Atlas University:

– Fast internet is available continuously inside the private residences of Atlas University, which helps the student during his studies based on the presence of the Internet.
– Food and drink provided in the private residences of Atlas University, which is served in a public kitchen for all students.
– The dormitories of Atlas University are clean and tidy, and the cleaning service is always there so that the student does not get preoccupied with matters that distract his studies.
– Safe housing at Atlas University, which constitutes the most important services provided by Turk Hostel. With safety, foreign and Turkish students can complete their studies in peace and comfort.
– Providing a comfortable study atmosphere for students inside the private residences of Atlas University. – Turk Hostel seeks to make these residences suitable for the students’ needs and fulfill their academic purpose.

Atlas University Housing prices :

Turk Hostel provides student housing at Atlas University at medium costs that suit all students, whether Turkish or from all over the world, but prices vary according to the room, its features, and the number of people living in it.

Turk Hostel focuses on finding student housing centers for Atlas University with various and many services to meet the needs of all students, such as providing rooms with kitchens, complete furniture such as storage, desks and tables next to the bed, and all this makes the costs vary, and the student can then choose the housing he wants with the cost and the features he wants .

– The room allocated for one person only at a cost: (For the price, click here)
– The room allocated for two people only at a cost: (For the price, click here)
– The room allocated for three people at a cost: (For the price, click here)
– The room allocated for four people at a cost: (For the price, click here)
– The room allocated for eight people at a cost: (For the price, click here)

How does Turk Hostel help foreign students?

The student’s choice to study at Atlas University allows Turk Hostel to secure housing for the foreign student within the university housing of Atlas University, at costs that suit him as a result of his choice of the type of housing within Atlas University that suits him, and with the advantages he wants, Turk Hostel offers all the services available to students and Helping them make their best and most appropriate choices in order to continue their studies without distraction.

For more information about university housing at Atlas University, you can contact Turk Hostel, which will help you in providing your various and different housing needs that suit you to be able to continue your studies safely and comfortably, through the information provided in the link below:


( اقرأ عن جامعة أطلس باللغة العربية )

  • City İstanbul
  • State/county Istanbul
  • Country Turkey

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