Esenyurt University Housing

  • TL6,500
Esenyurt / İstanbu
سكن جامعة أسنيورت سكن جامعة اسنيورت سكن جامعة اسنيورت سكن جامعة اسنيورت
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  • 1,2,3,4,8
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Featured Esenyurt University

Esenyurt University Housing

Esenyurt / İstanbu
  • TL6,500


The Esenyurt University housing is a suitable solution for most students who are looking for university housing for them, and it is affiliated with Esenyurt University, which is one of the best Turkish universities and receives students as part of its annual comparisons every year. Which is necessary to ensure that they stay in comfortable conditions without feeling the need for living necessities, so that students feel satisfied and satisfied, which affects them positively and makes them spend their time in this accommodation safely and comfortably.

Esenyurt University Housing Location

The Esenyurt University Housing location is one of the most famous areas of the city of Istanbul, as it is located in the Esenyurt region, which is located in the European part of the city, and is located near the Esenyurt University campus, which makes the student reassured in this respect and adds a new feature in addition to the other features of this Housing, as the Esenyurt area is one of the most famous areas of Istanbul, as it witnesses crowding in its many markets, and it is also a beautiful area, so many tourists come to visit it, which gives it great importance and fame, and there are many different transportation stops in this area, which help people move Moving to other neighborhoods of the city.

Thus, the location of the residence includes many features that make it a unique residence, so students accept it to register with it with confidence, and help them in registration is Turk Hostel, which provides many services, the most important of which is finding the most suitable housing for them, which is distinguished by its attractive location, which is located in this beautiful neighborhood and near the university.

Esenyurt University Housing
Esenyurt University Housing
Esenyurt University Housing
Esenyurt University Housing
Esenyurt University Housing
Esenyurt University Housing

Esenyurt University housing features

Esenyurt University housing is characterized by many features that contribute to providing comfort for students in order to excel and succeed, as university housing is an essential and important part of a student’s life in Turkey due to its importance, university housing has a fixed system according to which students or workers work in housing, thanks to this system the Organizing the student’s time and providing calmness and all the basic requirements that the student needs during his studies in Turkey. Perhaps the most important of these features are:

  • There is free internet access for students inside the student residence, and there are rooms for using computers.
  • Esenyurt University dormitory provides breakfast meals on a daily basis for students residing in the dormitory.
  • The university residence of Esenyurt University provides offices and private study rooms for residents of the residence, which are completely isolated rooms.
  • The rooms are large, spacious, sunny and fully serviced.

Esenyurt University Housing Fees

Esenyurt University housing prices are suitable for most students’ conditions, as there are housing rooms at all prices, some of them are low-cost and others are medium-cost, and there are high-priced housing. There are different types of residential rooms in university housing. Determining the type of room contributes to determining the value of fees. Some residential rooms are single, some are double, and some are triple and quadruple. Therefore, the field is open for the student to choose from among these rooms what suits him and his condition.

Turk Hostel provides all its services, which are in the interest of the student, as it works to provide housing that is characterized by its low and appropriate wages for students, which helps students to overcome the obstacle of their search for university housing and find the housing they wish and request, and because the fees differ from one housing to another and based on several factors Affiliated with housing, the value of Esenyurt University housing fees, which Turk Hostel provides for undergraduate students, is as follows:

Esenyurt University Student housing

The student housing at Esenyurt University is the new place of residence for students who came from their countries in order to complete their university studies, as many students from different countries are accepted to study at this university, because of its good academic level of education, and what it also provides of university student housing And with high specifications and prices suitable for all students, to facilitate their educational process, and the student housing at Esenyurt University consists of several residential buildings, some of which are for male students and others are for female students, and inside each housing unit there is a large number of rooms that will be shelter For students and accommodation for them,

How does Turk Hostel help students secure suitable student housing?

Turk Hostel seeks to provide its services, so it works hard and does its best to serve students in the best way, so it works to secure student housing for students, with reasonable prices and a suitable location near their universities. It also supports the students and stands with them from the moment they arrive at the airport, so it works to receive them with a warm heart and guides them to the best housing for them, and also helps them in obtaining their necessary official documents, and harnesses all its capabilities in their service, hoping to serve them in the fullest way that satisfies them, and it is among the services that are keen Turk hostel to provide to students:

  • University housing insurance.
  • Receiving students from the airport.
  • Hotel reservation.
  • Student residence.
  • Modify the certificate.

To contact Turk Hostel to inquire about private or government university housing at Istanbul Esenyurt University in Turkey, you can communicate at any time with Turk Hostel, which will be waiting for your questions and ready to answer your inquiries.


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  • State/county Istanbul
  • Country Turkey

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