Medipol University Housing

  • TL8,000
Beykoz/İstanbul, Turkey
سكن جامعة ميديبول سكن جامعة ميديبول
  • External Housing, University Housing
  • Property Type
  • 1,2,3,4,8
  • نماذج الغرف
  • 4
  • Bedrooms
  • 2
  • Bathrooms
Featured Medipol University

Medipol University Housing

Beykoz/İstanbul, Turkey
  • TL8,000


The Medipol University housing is one of the most important things that a student looking for to study at Medipol Istanbul University, whether he is a Turkish student or heading from anywhere else. The student, being difficult to focus on his studies and making his decision to start studying at the university before there is a comfortable and safe housing for him, makes him seek the study he is looking for and the comfort he needs, especially the student applying from outside Turkey from any destination.

Where is Medipol University Housing located

The student Medipol University housing is located within its university campus, and it is one of the comfortable housing that contains different types of rooms, and is divided into housing for girls and another for males. The location of the Medipol University residence is in the Asian side of Istanbul, specifically in the Kavacik area.

medipol university dormitory
medipol university dormitory
medipol university housing
medipol university housing

Advantages Of Medipol University Housing

Turk Hostel was able to help many students by providing housing for them within the university at Medipol University housing . It was distinguished by its ability to satisfy everyone by providing the best and most appropriate, comfortable and clean student housing for the student who needs to focus during his studies, so the housing services varied within the housing University of Medipol Istanbul University, which it offers from single, double, triple and more rooms, in addition to the furniture in the rooms from beds, offices, and storage, in addition to providing rooms containing kitchens, cleaning services and arranging rooms and many services provided by Turk Company A hostel and features that attract the student to it to be the first choice for him to search for comfortable and safe housing on the campus of Medipol Istanbul University, in addition to the various entertainments provided by the dormitory of Medipol Istanbul University, which provide the student with a lot of energy, activity and vitality to make them focus continuously to complete their education Better, and the services also vary to include:

– Fast and continuous internet inside the private Medipol University residence , which helps students in research and study.

– Clean and tidy furniture, such as beds, wardrobes, and study desks, are available in the rooms of the dormitory.

– The Medipol University dormitory has a dorm kitchen that serves a variety of food and drink for all students.

– The security system inside the Medipol University dormitory is high and severe in order to provide psychological comfort to the student.

Medipol University Housing Fees

Turk Hostel provides rooms within the university housing for students at Medipol University at medium costs suitable for all students, whether for Turkish students or for foreign students from all over the world. the University is diverse and different so that the student can choose the best for them in terms of cost, and in terms of prices, prices vary according to the room, its features and the number of people living in it.

Room per person a cost: (click here)

Room for two person a cost: (click here)

Room for 3 person a cost: (click here)

Lux room that contains the kitchen has a cost: (click here)

– Lux Room without kitchen at cost: (For price click here)

How does Turk Hostel help international students?

Turk Hostel focuses on foreign students traveling from different regions of the world, and as they are the most in need of housing after coming to Turkey in order to complete their educational journey, Turk Hostel receives the student from the moment he arrives at the airport, and offers him various housing The most important of them stand out in student dormitories within universities as they are closer to the student than the university, and their services are suitable for the student and the way of life in them is more flexible and easier.
The student’s choice to study at Medipol University allows Turk Hostel to secure housing for the foreign student inside the university housing of Sabah Al-Din Zaim University, and at appropriate costs following his choice of the type of housing within the Medipol University that suits him, and with the services and features he wants, Turk Hostel offers all services available to students and help them make their best and most appropriate options in order to complete their studies and educational attainment without distraction and fatigue.
The foreign student can share the Turkish student’s room in the university dormitory at Medipol University, and this helps him to adapt more in Turkey and know the details of life more, faster and better, in addition to being able to study more enjoyable as a result of the comfort provided by the shared housing between foreigners and Turks. This is what Turk Hostel always tries to provide for students in order to make life in Turkey easier for them and build a link between Turks and people from all over the world to promote social culture among them, and it remains the last option for the student to get the room he wants after Turk Hostel presents its optimal options.

For more information about university housing at Medipol University, you can contact Turk Hostel, which will help you provide your various and different housing needs that suit you to be able to continue your studies safely and comfortably, through the information provided in the link below.


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  • City İstanbul
  • State/county Istanbul
  • Country Turkey

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