Istinye University Accommodation

Istinye University Accommodation

The Istinye University Accommodation is a safe haven for the majority of university students who are about to study at this university. University housing is a safe and good environment for students in terms of ensuring comfort and calm at all times. Students have an academic atmosphere that stimulates good and effective study. In their universities is of great importance, and is one of the biggest obstacles they face, so Turk Hostel has worked to help all students to find the most suitable university housing for them, which includes various necessary services and living elements that provide them with a comfortable and quiet residential stay.

Turk Hostel strives to provide all its services in order to fully serve the students, which makes them feel calm and comfortable in their first stage of starting their university life. Istinye University Accommodation provides various services that any student wishes to be found within his university residence, and thus This student housing has met all the needs of students, which makes them feel comfortable and stable, and helps them increase their academic achievement.

Istinye University Accommodation location

The Istinye University Accommodation location in the European section of the city of Istanbul, and it is prepared and equipped for students to settle in it throughout their academic year, and it contains all the services that guarantee them a good and comfortable stay, and the Istinye University housing is several units and residential buildings that form a student residence located Near Istinye University, and its location is characterized by all the features that make it a suitable residence for living and stability, and guarantees students comfort and safety. These buildings are distributed in several areas, including: Safakoy, Zeytinburnu, Cevizli Bagh, Bayrampasa, Zade Hotel, Marter, and Istanbul Valley.

The proximity of university housing is a good point for university students, because this will help them easily reach the university without the need to use different transportation, thus shortening their effort and time.

Turk Hostel expresses its interest in housing in terms of location, as it will constitute a major turning point for students, because most students aspire to obtain university housing that is distinguished by its distinguished location with a beautiful view that gives the residential room more beauty and tranquility, and they also prefer housing that is close to their universities because it will facilitate They face many difficulties, and therefore the presence of university housing with a distinctive location makes students feel more stability and comfort, as this positively affects their psychological health and their normal studies.

Features of Istinye University Accommodation

Student housing at Istinye University is characterized by many advantages that make students want to settle and live in one of its residential rooms, and most students place their trust in Turk Hostel, which will fulfill all their desires by obtaining safe and appropriate housing for their various living and material conditions, as well as it contains many advantages that attract students Those interested in this matter, and among these features that characterize University housing:

– Istinye University housing includes housing units for female students and others for male students, which ensures greater comfort for them.
– The housing atmosphere is calm and comfortable, with a suitable environment for effective study that increases students’ grades and helps their academic excellence.
– Istinye University housing includes periodic cleaning and sterilization services responsible for the cleanliness of the residential rooms.
– The residence provides the students who live in it with an element of safety, as it includes a security monitoring system that ensures the security of the residence and controls the system.
– The Istinye University residence is characterized by a distinctive view of the Bosphorus Strait, which increases the aesthetics of its rooms and their distinctive views.
– The residence is located near the university, which makes it easier for students to go and return to the university, and makes them indispensable for using transportation.
– The residence includes open and fast internet that serves students as required.

Istinye University Accommodation fees

Istinye University Accommodation Fees are reasonable prices for students, taking into account their different conditions and circumstances. Despite the multiplicity of housing and the different prices, Turk Hostel was able to find university housing near Istinye University, with low prices compared to the rest of the university housing.

Knowing these details helps to determine the value of housing fees more accurately, and Turk Hostel has done everything it can to make Istinye University housing prices suitable for students and taking into account their circumstances and conditions, and the value of housing fees at Istinye University, which is provided by Turk Hostel to students, is as follows:

Room fees for one student: (click here)
Room fees for two students: (click here)
Room fees for three students: (click here)
Room fees for four students: (click here)
Room fees for five students: (click here)

How does Turk Hostel help foreign students?

Turk Hostel works to help international students coming from different countries to complete their educational path, and it works hard to secure the most suitable housing for them, which includes the various necessary services that they need in order to live in peace and tranquility, and Turk Hostel stands with the student from the moment he comes to his university and works on Receiving him from the airport and taking him to his residence, which she previously secured for him, as well as giving him various advice, guiding him, and providing him with all the information that he must know at that time.

For more information about university housing at Istinye University, you can contact Turk Hostel, which will be waiting for you to meet all your needs, and is ready to answer all your inquiries.


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