Beykent University Female Housing

Beykent University Housing

The Beykent University Female Housing is distinguished from other Dormitory due to its spaciousness, and the fame of Beykent University makes students rush to apply for study seats at The University, which makes the student, after obtaining academic admission at the University, start the journey of searching for suitable housing for him, and Through which he will continue his studies with greater focus, so Turk Hostel provides its various housing services to students from all over the world, as it facilitates the student’s search for the best residential place for him within the Beykent University Dormitory in terms of location, cost, features and services in it, and makes him feel safe And comfort is the result of all that it offers, as it is his first choice in finding suitable university housing for an enjoyable and comfortable study trip within Beykent University.

Where is the Beykent University Female Housing located:

The Beykent University Female Housing located within the Beykent University campus, specifically within the main campus, since Beykent University has four campuses.
Ayazgha Maslak Campus: It is located in Khadimkoy, Sariyer district, with an area of 35,000 square meters. It is the main campus of the University, and the student residence is located within it.
Beykent Campus and Awalun Campus: They are located in Buyukcekmece.
Taksim Campus: It is located in the Beyoglu district.
Location: The University is located in Istanbul, on the European side.

Beykent University Female housing fees :

The Beykent University female Housing fess are at medium costs that suit all students, but the prices vary according to the room, its features, and the number of people living in it.
University Dormitory at this University contains rooms with a refrigerator, air conditioner, TV, satellite receiver, wardrobe, lighting unit, and students have the right to choose a partner in his room with him, and all this at varying prices according to the type of room and the requirements it contains. The fees are:

Beykent University Female Housing Features :

The Beykent University Dormitory is huge, it includes approximately 121 rooms, with a beautiful and elegant design that attracts students, and a privileged location in it. Turk Hostel helps students choose the appropriate room for them and the housing services that meet their needs. The services provided by Turk Hostel are distinguished in university Dormitory. , where housing options are available for the student, and cleaning and arrangement services, in addition to the safety of Beykent University Dormitory , which makes the student comfortable in his studies, and the arranged and coordinated rooms that contain beds, storage, and small offices that meet the student’s needs, and are also distinguished by:

  • Providing various meals in the kitchen of the Beykent University Female dormitory to save the student’s time in preparing and serving food and keeping his high concentration only in his studies.
  • Cleaning and arranging rooms in the Beykent University dormitory. Daily cleaning services are provided to keep the student in a state of comfort during the study.
  • Beykent University dormitory has a central heating system that allows students to use hot water, heating inside rooms during the winter, and multiple and different uses that the system allows.
  • Special links to the Internet provided by the University of Beykent, as the Internet is fast and uninterrupted and meets the needs of students in studying.

Turk Hostel takes into account that the foreign student suffers from many problems in his first periods in Turkey as it is a new country that differs from his own, so it facilitates matters and means of living for him as much as possible, so it offers comfortable and distinctive housing at costs that suit the capabilities of foreign students, it seeks to provide A very important element for these students is safety, with which Turk Hostel builds good trust between it and the students. With security, all other comfortable needs are available, so the student becomes totally dependent on Turk Hostel to secure his needs in the best and most appropriate way.

Beykent University Dormitory :

In Turk Hostel, we provide the Beykent University dormitory with many options that distinguish this housing from other student housing due to its proximity to the university and the presence of a private bus for housing that delivers students to the university for free, and this housing also includes many rooms of different models to suit all tastes , Rooms are available individually or jointly, and housing fees vary accordingly.

How does Turk Hostel help female students find suitable accommodation ?

Female students applying for university housing face some difficulties in finding the right place for them, which meets their needs, so Turk Hostel works to be present in meeting this service and securing university housing for female students. University housing events.

For more details about student housing at Beykent University, whether for private housing for female students separately or public housing, you can contact Turk Hostel, which will provide you with assistance in securing appropriate housing to be able to pursue your studies safely and comfortably, through the information provided in the link below :


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