Esenyurt University Female Housing

Esenyurt University Female Housing

We know that the search for university housing is not easy, especially for female students who have recently come to Turkey, so Turk Hostel has facilitated the way for female students to reach comfortable and safe university housing for female students at Esenyurt University, to settle in it throughout the academic year in the university in which they will study, if university housing Esenyurt removed obstacles in front of female students, as it is a university residence that provides all services, and is characterized by monotony and security, which will make all female students feel stable, and this will be reflected in their academic achievement positively and effectively.

Esenyurt University Female Housing Location

The Housing of Esenyurt University for female students is located near the campus of Esenyurt University on the European side of Istanbul in the Esenyurt region. There are also many transportation points near it, making it easier for female students to move comfortably around the city. It also includes university housing for female students who want to join and study in this university. Among the distinguished residences of Turkish universities, Esenyurt University is one of the distinguished universities in Turkey, as it includes various specializations, and works to educate its students and strengthen their skills to build a better future.

Esenyurt University Female Housing Fees

The Esenyurt University housing fees are low-cost compared to other universities in Turkey, as it suits the different conditions of female students and takes into account all their circumstances. There is housing that includes all services, and there is housing with limited services, and each of them has its own price. Turk Hostel works to guide students to the housing that suits them and suits their conditions, and helps them search for safe and comfortable housing, and the student chooses what suits her, according to the different nature of housing And its size and the services available in it, the prices are also different, and accordingly, it is:

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– Room fees for Two Students: (click here)
– Room fees for Three Students: (click here)
– Room fees for Four Students: (click here)
– Room fees for Five Students: (click here)

Features of Esenyurt University Female Housing

Esenyurt University housing
Esenyurt University housing

– There is a university residence for female students at Esenyurt University close to the university campus, which makes it easier for female students to move and move comfortably.
– There are many transportation stops next to the residence, which also facilitates the movement of female students within Istanbul.
– The residence has many possibilities, such as a study desk, refrigerator, internet, and television, as well as periodic cleaning services.
– There are recreational facilities for students, such as a small garden within the residence, a gymnasium, a Turkish bath, and a sauna.
– It is also distinguished as a safe residence with specific times for entry and exit, and it is protected by a strict security system equipped with 24-hour surveillance cameras.
– The housing provides students with opportunities for cultural and student exchange, as the university is an active member of the Erasmus student exchange program funded by the European Union.
– It provides students with meals throughout the day that are sufficient for their needs, includes a cafeteria, and provides various medical services when needed.
– It includes female students of all nationalities, which helps in exchanging cultures between different peoples.
– A university residence for female students at Esenyurt University is located in an area rich in markets and shops.

Esenyurt University Girls Housing

Turk Hostel helps students with this, as it helps them secure affordable housing, and it contains all the necessary services that a student needs to live a safe and stable university life, living in university residences also helps to engage with society, especially students among themselves, also helps the right choice For appropriate housing in the student’s psychological stability and good academic achievement.

How does Turk Hostel help female students find suitable accommodation for them?

Turk Hostel does its best to help female students during their search for university housing when they are admitted to a Turkish university, so it helps female students to find safe housing near their university, which makes it easier for them to face difficulties that they may encounter during their academic year, and also supports relations between female students It makes them more affectionate with each other, especially foreign students with Turkish students, which facilitates university life inside the dormitory and makes it more stable. Turk Hostel is in contact with the students, and is always ready to solve all the problems they encounter, and helps them find appropriate solutions for each problem.

For more information about all university dormitories, whether in Turkish universities in general or in Esenyurt University in particular, you only have to contact Turk Hostel, which will be waiting for you, and is always ready to answer your questions.


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